RSI Hydroponic Seed Tray -128 & 242 plugs

The RSI Floating and hydroponic seeding tray from Riverstone Industries helps add to the ease of growing plants from scratch. The commercial grade polystyrene floating trays are designed to wick water to the new seedlings as needed, helping to keep the new plants perfectly hydrated with minimal attendance. The design and use is very simple, create a pool of water in which the trays can float, plant the seeds in tray, and what them grow!! The design of the commercially grade seeding trays ensures years of use. This unit has 1- each of the 128 & 242 pyramid shaped cell trays, which virtually eliminate transplant shock. Advantages: undamaged roots, plants and all the soil slide out simply and easily. This design eliminates roots getting tangled or needing to be torn for removal. entangled roots, no spreading of root pests or diseases. This design and stronger root system also help to promote a higher rate of transplanting success, as high as 90%.

RSI Hydroponic Seed Tray -128 & 242 plugs
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  • Item #: RSI-ST2PK
  • Manufacturer: Riverstone Industries
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