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Orcaboard Raised Garden Bed Kit (Multiple Sizes)


The raised bed gardening trend is blooming all over America. It's the modern way to grow beautiful flowers, raise fresh vegetables, extend your growing season, use less space, water, fertilizer and improve soil conditions. You can join this back to nature trend with a contemporary twist with the Orcaboard ™ Raised Bed Garden Kit.

Orcaboard ™ Raised Bed Garden Kit is strong, durable, maintenance free, non-toxic, made from recycled milk jugs and guaranteed for 50 years. Conveniently packaged for direct to home delivery and designed for easy assembly.

Simply lock the grooved panels in place, fill with nutrient-rich soil and your ready to garden in style.

The Orcaboard ™ Lifetime Raised Bed Garden Kit is available in three standard sizes - 2'x4', 4'x4' and 4'x8'. Standard depths are 5½" (1 rail) and 11" (2 rail).

There's an Orcaboard ™ Raised Bed Garden Kit to meet all your gardening desires. Available in 4 colors: Bone White, Hunter Green, Weathered Wood and Cedar colors to give your yard and garden an elegant appearance.

Choose the size, color and height that meet all your gardening needs and join the raised bed gardening revolution with the Orcaboard ™ Raised Bed Garden Kit.

Create a unique finished look for your Raised Bed Garden. Orcaboard ™ Top Rail Kit doubles as a surface for sitting or kneeling while gardening. Available for all bed sizes and colors.

Why Orcaboard ™Raised Bed Gardening?
50 year Warranty
More production per square foot
Improved soil conditions
They NEVER rot
Use less fertilizer
Use less water
Pest control
Less weeds
Extend the growing season
Promote recycling                     

241-RB-BW 24"x48"x8" Bone White
241-RB-C 24"x48"x8" Cedar
241-RB-HG 24"x48"x8" Hunter Green
241-RB-WW 24"x48"x8" Weathered Wood
242-RB-BW 24"x48"x16" Bone White
242-RB-C 24"x48"x16" Cedar
242-RB-HG 24"x48"x16" Hunter Green
242-RB-WW 24"x48"x16" Weathered Wood
441-RB-BW 48"x48"x8" Bone White
441-RB-C 48"x48"x8" Cedar
441-RB-HG 48"x48"x8" Hunter Green
441-RB-WW 48"x48"x8" Weathered Wood
442-RB-BW 48"x48"x16" Bone White
442-RB-C 48"x48"x16" Cedar
442-RB-HG 48"x48"x16" Hunter Green
442-RB-WW 48"x48"x16" Weathered Wood
481-RB-BW 48"x96"x8" Bone White
481-RB-C 48"x96"x8" Cedar
481-RB-HG 48"x96"x8" Hunter Green
481-RB-WW 48"x96"x8" Weathered Wood
482-RB-BW 48"x96"x16" Bone White
482-RB-C 48"x96"x16" Cedar
482-RB-HG 48"x96"x16" Hunter Green
482-RB-WW 48"x96"x16" Weathered Wood










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