Good Ideas Enhanced Compost Accelerator case of six

  • Enhanced Compost Accelerator is a proprietary blend of natural bacteria that aids in speed of compost digestion
  • This blend of helpful bacteria can be easily applied to compost piles or compost bins and aid in keeping the optimal level of microbes available to digest the compost material
  • Naturall Compost Accelerator was originally formulated for commercial farmers to help in the digestion of corn stalks
  • Compost is a great addition to organic gardens for use as a soil amendment
  • Composting helps reduce landfill use and keeps our gardens rich with essential nutrients
  • Helps speed up the process of composting and help break down difficult matter
  • Particularly helpful if you have a short growing season and you desire organic soils
  • Reduces foul odors
Good Ideas Enhanced Compost Accelerator
  • Item #: ECA1LB
  • Manufacturer: GoodIdeas
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